Since its inception, HangarSteel has set the standards for Hangars in the aviation industry. We work with every customer as a partner, with the promise to bring a higher level of design expertise, engineering skills and a longer product life cycle to every project.

We enjoy the unique ability within the industry of being able to replicate obsolete door hardware, from your damaged part or from our catalog of previously manufactured parts. Our expertise of structural, mechanical, and electrical design helps to deliver any specification of the hangar you are looking for.

Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Support

We apply innovation and experience to deliver you the complete HangarSteel experience, from design engineering, to installation to the professional close out procedures. With a fully integrated process; we handle every step of the process, to ensure build quality exceeds the highest standards and meets the most demanding requirements.

We leverage patent-pending proprietary technologies, processes and systems that support our ability to handle small and large-scale projects with a high level of quality and precision. Our aim is to deliver the best your budget can buy while saving you money, time and additional subcontractors.

Flexible Design & Operational Reliability

Protect your aircraft investment with pre-engineered, quality built steel aircraft Hangars from HangarSteel. Not only do we build every Hangar to your specifications, we’ll coordinate with you, your architect, contractor or the building manufacturer as appropriate.

When we deliver, our technicians can supervise, transport and assist with the assembly and installation. And should you ever have any problem with your Hangar, you’ll receive prompt support from our experienced customer service crew.

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