For the Architect

HangarSteel is a specialist provider of technologically advanced aircraft hangars, combining conventional construction with engineered building solutions. We provide custom Hangar Door Systems for the aviation, military, industry and marine projects.

As an architect you’ll be looking for design efficient, safe and long lasting Hangar Doors. We have gained a solid reputation for working closely with architects, engineers and owners to understand their unique design needs and developing a customized solution for those needs.

Comprehensive Assistance
New advances in the technology have marked the success of HangarSteel Door Systems. We provide technical assistance to spec writers, architects, engineers and contractors – including custom drawings, consultation, product specifications and cad details.

Our early involvement with your chosen architect in the planning and design phases can help you improve your payback period and maximize efficiencies. You can get significant efficiencies in three key areas:

• Savings on construction materials
• Timing and Schedules improvement
• Overall cost savings on project engineering

Certified Assemblers and Fabricators

At HangarSteel, we pride ourselves on being able to provide superior quality Hangars and Hangar Door Systems from design through finished installation. Our fabricators are fluent in reading blueprints and fabricating & custom fitting Door Systems.

Whether it’s an aviation Hangar or a Hangar Door System, you will find peace of mind knowing you are partnering with a reliable door company with the practical experience and professional credentials to get the job done with perfection.

Customized Aircraft Hangar Door Solutions

When you are working with HangarSteel, you are assured a quality product with custom designs. Using the latest in CAD/CAM technology design tools, we ensure that each door system satisfies the most challenging specification requirements.

Our mission is to constantly provide the right product at the right time, competitively priced, professionally engineered and expertly installed and supported. Contact us today for any unconventional or special hangar requirement that you may have.

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